Category 2 Projects

(Projects that we can usually take on)

Boards in this category typically take a few weeks to complete repairs.  Repair prices start at $95 unless noted, and can go up if there are an unusually large number of problems, or if the cost of the required parts is significant.  If there is an upper limit to what you'd like to spend, please tell us when you place your repair order.  If you don't specify, we'll assume your limit is $170.  Ohio Sales Tax and shipping are not included in that price.

Anti-Aircraft (Atari)

Asteroids (Atari)

Asteroids Deluxe (Atari)

Baseball (Atari)

Basketball (Atari)

Battlezone (Atari)

BiPlane (Fun Games)

Breakout (Atari)

Centipede (Atari)

Cheyenne (Exidy)*

Crash 'N Score (Atari)

Crossbow (Exidy)*

Crystal Castles (Atari)

Death Race (Exidy)

Defender (Williams)

Dominos (Atari)

Demolition Derby (Chicago Coin)

Fire Truck (Atari)

Football - 2P (Atari)

Football - 4P (Atari)

Galaga (Midway version)

Galaxian (Midway)

Gravitar (Atari)

Hit Me (Ramtek)

I, Robot (Atari)*

Lunar Lander (Atari)

Millipede (Atari)

Missile Command (Atari)

Moon Patrol (Williams)

Ms. Pac-Man (Midway)

Night Driver (Atari)

Pac-Man (Midway)

Pong (Atari/Syzygy)

QuadraPong (Atari)

Quantum (Atari)

Red Baron (Atari)

Return of the Jedi (Atari)

Robotron (Williams)

Space Duel (Atari)

Space Invaders (Taito)

Space Invaders Pt II (Taito)

Sprint 1 (Atari)

Sprint 2 (Atari)

Starship 1 (Atari)

Star Wars (Atari)

Stargate (Williams)

Stunt Cycle (Atari)

Super Breakout (Atari)

Super Bug (Atari)

Tank/Tank II (Atari/Kee)

Tempest (Atari)

Tunnel Hunt (Centuri/Atari)

Ultra Tank (Atari)

Video Pinball (Atari)

Warlords (Atari)

Wheels I and II (Midway)

* = special pricing applies, contact us for details.

Updated 8/5/2014.