Video Game Related Products

These are products that we manufacture, so we have total control over the design and the quality.  Nobody else distributes our products.

Atari/Kee Tank/Tank II/Cocktail Tank ROM Replacement Kit

This is a replacement for the original, non-standard ROM that Kee (later Atari) used in this board design. Incidentally, Tank, Tank II and Cocktail Tank all use the exact same PCB set; only the cabinet shapes are different. While this was the first time a ROM was used in a video game application, it was designed way before the more common devices like 2716's were developed. It requires completely different power and has a completely different pinout than "modern" EPROMs or PROMs. Since this ROM stores the playfield data, the tank shapes and some other data so if it goes bad your game is essentially KAPUT. Sad to say that probably more than a few Tanks have gone to the graveyard over the lack of a replacement ROM. About 20% of the Tank boards we've worked on have had a bad ROM.

Fast-forward to today: This kit plugs into the original ROM socket -- almost all of the Tank boards we've encountered over the years used a socket instead of a soldered-in ROM; if not then you'll need to do some soldering work or hire us to do it for you. Installation requires soldering of a single flying lead (provided) to be connected to the ground trace on the PCB; there's no other good way of doing this (and yes, we did consider creating a virtual ground using a stiff resistor divider but didn't want to increase the power dissipation of the board since it's already massive - sheesh, critics!). It comes programmed with the original ROM data.   Price: $25 + S/H (in stock).

I, Robot Interboard Connectors

This is a replacement to the original assembly that connects the Video PCB to the CPU PCB. Instead of a single large PCB with four connectors like the original, our solution consists of two identical smaller PCBs with two connectors each. We think it's actually an improvement since it's not necessary to flex the PCB as much to install and remove.   Price: $50 + S/H (in stock) per pair (enough for one game).

Space Invaders/SI Deluxe Multigame Kit

This kit allows you to select between Space Invaders and Space Invaders Deluxe at the flick of a switch.  Installation is very easy and is suitable for beginners - there are only three very easy solder joints to make which means it's much easier than installing a cap kit.  The kit includes all the parts needed for installation, even including the switch and a mounting bracket for it just inside the coin door, so it's not dangling around all over the place.  Installation instructions with pictures are included.  This kit will work on either Midway Space Invaders or Space Invaders Deluxe upright games.  Price: $25 + S/H (in stock).

Midway Space Invaders Switching Power Supply Conversion Kit

It's an (almost) Plug and Play kit that replaces the original power regulator board (especially useful if your old one has dried out capacitors).  The hardest part of the whole installation is stripping the ends of two wires.  The kit includes an already assembled, fully labeled adapter harness and the parts required to connect and securely mount a switching supply in your cabinet.  The kit does not include a switching supply - those can be found in several places on the 'net for a lower price than we can sell them for.  Price: $35

Atari AVG Replacements (P/N 137179-001)

These are replacements we make for the custom ICs that Atari used on games like Gravitar, Space Duel, Major Havoc and others.  The original ones fail pretty frequently.  Our replacement is a small circuit board with several discrete DIP ICs which plugs directly into the socket originally occupied by the custom IC.  The advantage to this design is that individual ICs can be repaired in the future if a problem ever develops.  Price: $35.

Atari Quad POKEY Eliminator Board (P/N A042622)

These are replacements we make for the Quad POKEYs and Quad POKEY Eliminator boards used on some Atari Games.  These are the same size as the original QPEs, and have the same holes for securely installing the board.  They do stand a bit taller than the original, so you'll want to use a longer standoff when you install it.  They are populated with four sockets and the interconnect header, but the POKEYs are not included.  Price: $30.

Atari Red Baron/Battlezone Inter-board Harness

An exact replacement that we make for the original 24-wire harness that connects the Main (Analog Vector Generator) PCB to the Aux PCB.  Use this if your original one is missing or damaged.  Price: $15.00.  Custom lengths also available.

Atari Tempest Inter-board Harness

An exact replacement for the original 24-wire harness that connects the Main PCB to the Aux PCB.  Use this if your original one is missing or damaged.  Price: $17.50.  Custom lengths also available.

Updated 12/24/2014